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Outbound Training for Corporates - Team Building & Experiential Learning - Kerala, India

Outbound Training for Corporates - Team Building & Experiential Learning - Kerala, India

Outbound Experiential Training & Developmental programmes for Corporate Executives represents a powerful process to enhance employee, team and organizational interaction, communication and collaboration; and to resolve tensions, anger, conflict and crises. The profession of outdoor training is internationally respected for its specialized training, ethics, and processes.

In this Flat and Globalised World, Survival and Success belongs to Organisations that can effectively tap the dormant Human potential towards Creativity, Innovation and Team Synergy. New strategies and approaches are in constant demand. Dealing with Uncertainties, Managing Ambiguities and Pioneering Blue Ocean Strategies have become Managerial requirements. Outbound Experiential Training by Kalypso Adventures attempts to bring about a paradigm shift in Individual Behaviour and Team Processes to integrate and synergise Individuals, Teams and Organisations in a Recurring Learning Cycle.

It also provides a platform for simulation of principles of Organisational Behaviour and Management. While conventional training methods impart theories and principles of Organisational Behaviour and Management, there is an ever increasing need for individuals and teams to get the opportunity to practically apply these principles in real life situations and learn from experiences.

Kalypso uses a unique blend of fun and adventure based team activities and the methodology of David A Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle to bring about dramatic transformation in Teams. The focus is on what 'Learning can we take away to the work environment at our Organisation' and 'How can we sustain our team in a Recurring Learning Cycle'. Each programme is tailored to the training needs of the specific group. Broadly, the programmes are:

Developing Learning Teams - 2/3 days programme at Kalypso Camp or other suitable locations for groups of 20 to 40 participants

One day Team Building Programmes - Resort based day programme for 25 to 50 participants

Large Group Interventions - Resort based day programme for more than 50 participants

The Tough Gets Going - For adventurous Corporates who wish to radically transform Group Dynamics in pressure situations (5 to 7 days)

Ambiguity Management Programme - Resort based day programme for 25 to 50 participants, to transform teams to deal with ambiguities.

Untie the Knots - A full/half day preparatory programme prior to Meetings/Conferences

Leadership in the Flat World - 1 to 3 days module, Resort based or Camp based. An indoor based experiential variant of this module is conducted at Resorts / Hotels.

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