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Calypso or Kalypso has many meanings. But the first to strike one would be the fun, laughter and carefree life of the Caribbean Islands. It also stands for the ship Jacques-Yves Cousteau sailed for his adventures underwater and the motto of that ship in its glory days was "Il faut aller voir" ("We must go and see for ourselves"). We combined both to form Kalypso Adventures. What started as promoting adventure in Kerala, now covers the entire country – providing adventure travel to the furthermost corners of the country.

Through the years Kalypso has remained focused on special interest tours in adventure, nature travel and eco tours – all the time keeping in mind the importance of the fragile environment we work in and the lives of the local communities. Our guides are arguably the best in their chosen fields be it birding, natural history safaris or entomological expeditions.

Our love of the great outdoors and many years of experience has enabled us to develop some of the most exciting adventure and wildlife trips in India. We now offer an unrivalled selection of suggested itineraries for tours that can be taken as shown or tailor-made, all on dates to suit you.


Meet the Team

Sam T Samuel

Sam T Samuel

Managing Director

Commander Sam T Samuel - Managing Director of the company is a former pilot of the Indian Navy with over 4000 hrs of flying hours to his credit. A keen equestrian and an adventure enthusiast, he has also been a member of the Naval Sailing Association and has been actively involved in water sports activities throughout his career. He is also a qualified facilitator for Outward Bound Training courses for Corporate Executives.

Sam T Samuel

Thomas Zacharias

Executive Director

The Executive Director of the company, is a former Electronics Engineer of the Indian Navy. He has been an active member of the Nilgiri Angling Association and the Tahr Foundation at Munnar. He has also had vast experience in trekking and camping and has been an active volunteer member assisting the Kerala Forest & Wildlife wing in their fieldwork in Kerala.

Sam T Samuel

R Madhusoodanan

Director - Training

Heads the Training Division of Kalypso and regularly conducts Training sessions for Corporates and Business Schools. An MBA in HR from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute for Management Studies and a qualified trainer, Commander Madhu commanded ships and also headed a training institution of the Indian Navy. As the Chief Public Relations Officer of Defence Forces, he has interacted with senior dignitaries and VVIPs. He is also a qualified Deep Sea Diver from US Navy.

Sam T Samuel

Vishal Koshy

General Manager

Vishal is the backbone of our planning & operations throughout the Indian subcontinent. Cycle rides in Rajasthan, a challenging trek along the Western Ghats or a Challenging trek in North East India- all are managed with precision and finesse, helping to earn Kalypso Adventures the coveted reputation as leader in adventure travel in India. He is  a Qualified First Responder (NOLS - National Outdoor Leadership School, batch of March 2011).

Sam T Samuel


Manager ( Reservations)

It's been more than a decade since our much disciplined and very punctual 'Ravi Sir' has been a part of Kalypso. Known for his unbelievable memory power, he is undoubetdly an asset to the company. He was the Master Chief petty Officer in Indian Navy before joining Kalypso. He takes care of the reservations department and also acts as our office admin.

Sam T Samuel


Manager (Logistics)

After a distinguished stint in the Indian Army, this veteran of Kargil is an indispensable part of the Kalypso Team. With his ‘never-say-die’ attitude, this veteran takes on jobs which would scare of lesser mortals – from setting up adventure camps across the country to working in close liaison with the local communities and tribals in the successful execution of adventure travel.

Sam T Samuel


Manager ( Accounts )

Always positive minded with a smiling face by default, Radhika is in charge of all finances and accounts from 2009. She finished her CA (articleship) in 2002 and worked as an accountant in a private company for 4 years after which, she found her dream job with Kalypso. She says, though it was challenging, she could learn a lot as she was given ample freedom to express and execute her ideas.

Sam T Samuel


Manager ( Camp)

Been working as Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) in Indian Army over 25 years all over India, Johnson decided to quit his job in 2011. This was a major turning point in his life as he immediately got a job with Kalypso. He feels like family with Kalypso which keeps him happy and motivated.  In his words, he would love to do his job as long as possible.

Sam T Samuel


Assistant Manager ( Camp)

Dinesh was a 22 year old electrical diploma student when he accidently came to our camp to do some electrical work and gained the attention and trust of Commander Thomas. He was offered a job then and there for his dedication and sense of responsibility. Its been 12 years since this, and he says he has been equally happy from the moment he joined till date.

Sam T Samuel


Assistant Accountant

There are very few people in this world who would stick to their first job, believe in themselves and develop their own space in a company. Sujith did the same with Kalypso. He not only assists Radhika in accounts but also genuinely takes part in other office activities.

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If you are looking for a trekking, walking cycling holiday, kayaking expedition in the backwaters, wildlife & birding or family activity holidays in Kerala & other regions of India, we have a wide range of tours to choose from !

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